About the Hospital

See the world with eyesight

Moulvibazar B N S B  Eye Hospital is working with a view to giving vision to the sight-disabled. This Hospital is working not only with the poor people of Moulvibazar district but also the people of greater Sylhet. Nobody has ever returned without treatment of a curable disease. The poorest man of the society is also getting free modern treatment. The idea of not having treatment for money is quite wrong here in Moulvibazar B N S B  Eye Hospital.

Blindness is a worldwide phenomenon of human disability. It is a problem that is much more widespread in the developing country like Bangladesh. Blindness is defined as the inability to perceive light. Bangladesh, a country of approximately sixteen million of population occupies one of the most density populated areas in the world. About 1% of total population is blind. Added to this another 60,000 people become blind every year.

In Sylhet Division there was not a specialized hospital except Sylhet M.A.G Osmani Medical College Hospital. In the initial stage Sylhet division has the one way health facilities through Sylhet M.A.G Osmani Medical College Hospital. So, it was very difficult to provide health facility including the eye care service to the Twelve million population of Sylhet division.

In this situation one committed and devoted physician Dr. Shah Nurul Islam and other local philanthropists came forward with a vision - SIGHT TO SEE, and established Moulvibazar BNSB Eye Hospital.